Every Queen Bee must have her HIVE.

She blooms from the warmth of her family, lovers and friends. Her own adventures expand her wings. Her lust for living fuels her spirit.

With these cherished connections and adventures in mind, we’ve created HIVE – Luxury Fragrances infused with unbridled love and passion.

Stunningly packaged, each fragrance note is meticulously curated to awaken familiar emotions and spark new memories. It’s our simple yet impactful way of instilling luxury into every aspect of your life.

Bambi Montgomery is a visionary, tastemaker, influencer, Artful Olfactor and Queen of the HIVE brand.

Inspired by the power of fragrance to elevate and enhance experiences, Bambi has poured her own memories and mastery into this treasury of luxury scents.

Her rare synesthetic abilities guide the creative process – gifting you a unique sensory experience that influences behavior and provokes memory without the utterance of a single word.

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